Thai Resources

Comprehensible Input for Beginners

Comprehensible Thai - Study Thai in Thai with these immersion style videos.

Children's Programming - Cute shows designed for young children can be entertaining sources of comprehensible input.

Baby Bus

Bing - ภาษาไทย


Riam Thai

Easy Thai

Automatic Language Growth Explained

YouTube Channels with Subtitles:

These are quite a bit harder since they contain authentic content designed for native speakers. However, I find them much more interesting than content designed to teach Thai. Advanced beginners may want to work through them line-by-line with Language Reactor or LingoTube (Android).

Point of View - It has short informational videos covering a wide range of topics. She speaks rather quickly so beginners may need to slowdown the playback speed or use the auto-pause feature in Language Reactor. (Typically 10-30 minutes)

Around the World (รอบโลก) - A collection of short documentary videos.

Pud (พูด) - These videos are created in the TED-Ed style. (5-10 minutes)

Ted-Ed Thai - This has a good selection of translated videos, but the subtitles are often not in-sync with the audio) (~5 minutes)

Thai Disney Songs - Disney songs dubbed in Thai.

Mahidol University - This Thai University has produced a nice range of content. (5-30 minutes)

Thai PBS - It has a lot of travel and food documentaries.

Embedded Subtitles

These don't work well with Language Reactor or LingQ.

Nuan (นวล) - Ted-Ed style videos (5-10 minutes)

Kids Planet ไทย - This channel has lots of fairy tales.

English Lessons Taught in Thai

A lot of programs designed to teach English actually speak a lot of Thai. I found these helpful in the beginning.

Eng 24

KND Studio


Thailand has a few big producers of podcasts:

The Standard

Salmon Podcasts

Thai PBS